About me

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My name is Miriam. I am Italian and live in Bonn, Germany.
I am an atypical engineer with a restless creative mind, trying to keep grounded while setting free.
I am passionate about climate sustainability, human potential, creative solutions and good food.

What can you find in this blog?

We all have too many doubts, too many inputs… and too little time and capacity to actually get through that.
The “seeds” you will find wish to digest for you in a non-technical way the huge amount of information we get on a daily base and help us become more sustainable and happy.
For example, I will do my best to:

  • untangle complex topics related to climate sustainability,
    connecting them with our daily life
  • find and define the alternatives we have to become more sustainable, so that each of us can pick what is best considering our personal values and situation.

My technical background, experience and expertise gained so far, serve us here to research, identify the best sources, digest them and help us improve.

As I care about that a lot, you will always find the sources of the information and expertise I took to write, which I will have digested and condensed for you, and know they are reliable. Please share any available updates or point of view, I am happy to learn more and update the “seed”!

As it is probably one of my most useful skills, I will share my 20+ years experience of easy lunchbox preparation, with tips on easy creative cooking and how to organise little by little to always have good and ready food at home.

Why am I writing this blog?

Well, first of all, because it is in my wish list since 2007, when I wanted to write a book following my thesis. After years of thinking, I finally made the thought it would be better to actually write it!

Being sustainable is not a choice nor “one’s priority”, at the moment, but the only way we can live on this planet and be happy.

Though, living a sustainable and happy life is sometimes shown as more complex, burdensome or expensive than it is. Talking about “climate heros” and using black&white approaches to being sustainable, in my opinion, are heavy and removing the beauty of the simple normality of value-based choices made on a daily base.
Curiosity and open heart help a lot. Reading this blog maybe a little as well 🙂

Let’s start, one seed at a time!

Keep in touch.

Images: Forger’s cave (Varigotti-Noli). – Spring. – Autumn. (Photos by Miriam)