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Olio di …what?

The origin of “oliodisemi” and the seed container.

Once upon a time, back in 1996 or so, a good friend of mine – nerdy genius few years ahead of us all – wanted me to make my first email address. He told me I would use it to write to people and I could not see the meaning of this cold “letters” to be sent via this new connected stuff over the landline. Yet, he kind of forced me and I considered that to be a random useless thing to do. Why not. Choosing my name would be too boring, I told him, so I asked my mum in the other room “what do you have in the hands?” “olio di semi!” (seeds oil) she answered. Which is quite uncommon, in my family, actually. Olive oil or garlic would have been most probable answer, as she was in the kitchen. Still.
This ended up being the name of my first email address and several accounts and profiles ever since… and I find it perfect for this blog too. 

Seeds of ideas, actions and knowledge are those I would like to offer you here, small inputs for thinking about our daily choices and be more sustainable, seed by seed, in an easy and cool way. You can eat them right away in a salad, grind them in a paste, keep them in water and make them sprouts, grow a plant out of them …or make oil. Or let them dry for later, of course.
You choose, I will give them one by one.

Have a nice day,


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